How we see coffee differently.

Where coffee is born

Honest trade, honest beans.

We only sell beans from known origins, grown sustainably, with respect for the farmer and their employees. Our supplier buys directly from the farmer so that they get a better and fair price for their product and can invest in their equipment or schooling. We also seek out programs that focus on the improvement of the position of women in the coffee industry.

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Where flavor is being created

Sustainable, diverse and tasty

We are one of the two Belgian coffee roasters (the only Flemish one) that roast on 100% green energy. Our high-quality solar panels deliver the needed solar energy, but when the sun is not available, we get our green wind energy from Ecopower, the Belgian energy-coöperative. We don’t just sell machines, but choose the ones that last long and we can fix or even upgrade. We also offer ways to make a perfect espresso with the least amount of energy needed.

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Packaged and prepared

Recyclable packaging

Our packaging is recyclable and is produced CO2-free. You can throw these in the plastic waste bin (PMD in Belgium). But we also have a program to work free from disposable packaging.

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No waste

We stimulate our customers to work with our reusable packaging. They can trade in the containers and we make sure they are cleaned and ready to go with their next order.

Make your coffee sustainable

We only sell beans of known origins, sustainably grown, with respect for the farmer and their employees.

No exhaust during roasting

We are one of the few roasters that roasts their beans on 100% green energy (solar and wind energy).

Together we can make the change

Reduction of


per year

Do you also want to taste the change?