For who?

It’s simple actually. Everyone can call on us for help. From private customers to businesses. From schools to associations. Anyone who wants to up his/hers coffee experience, can knock on our door. We can help on a small scale (ie improvement of current equipment and/or coffee made-to-measure) to a larger scale (ie the decoration of a complete coffee corner, at home or within a company).

Your unique flavour experience

“Want a drink? Coffee, something refreshing?”

Coffee is everywhere, it’s not by a fault the second most traded product in the world (after oil). In lots of cultures coffee has a prominent place, with (sometimes subtle) differences in flavours, brewing methods and how they drink it. Also within a small group of people there can be people who like it strong and bitter, and then others who like to drink their light roast Ethiopian coffees as if it is tea.

We help you discover your taste preferences, and work with that. Every person is different, therefore your coffee should be too.

From coffee made-to-measure
to thé perfect coffee corner:
The God Shot is your



The coffee corner is thé place to meet up with colleagues. It’s where good ideas sprout and where productivity is boosted. A place not to be overlooked.

But you might need a cosy resting corner at home too? As an interior architect Sara knows has to perfectly combine both worlds.

Companies that want to offer their employees some added value, or want to really ‘welcome’ their customers, we can help with the complete design of a coffee corner.

Are you buying a machine from us? We always provide a free workshop when we deliver your goods. Because with the correct care your machine will live longer.

Or what do you think about your own company coffee? We provide the perfect beans in a sustainable packaging, made-to-measure. You can also offer these as a promotional gift!

Do you own a machine that you can’t seem to master? Or maybe you want to further your coffee knowledge?
You might want your company to impress with premium quality coffee? Or maybe you own a coffee bar, but are looking for a new way to reach customers? For example, by using an intelligent shop-roaster.
Maybe you want to drink better coffee at home, but you don’t know where to start? Or you would like to organise a coffee-event, like a group coffee tasting, at home?

We welcome everyone. The person who’s just starting out, but also the trained coffee-lover. At home, in our store, in your office or digitally, for any budget.