Honest everyday

It’s that time of the year again, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’re not a fan of of these initiatives that originated in the USA. For us it’s always Honest Everyday. Every day fair prices, with advice, as sustainable as possible for producers/farmers/couriers and ourselves. With a discount race to the bottom we can’t help none of these people or ourselves. The many news items on these problems (fake discounts, bad working conditions at origin or shipping services, …) confirm us in this choice. 

We believe in our mission, and therefore try to make something positive out of this weekend. Therefore this year again we will donate 10% of our turnover from Friday 26/11 to Monday 29/11to a charity.

Last year we chose the kinderarmoedefonds. This year we’re moving abroad. During my postgraduate in Coffee Excellence at the ZHAW Zürich I’ve been fortunate to be able to communicate with some very interesting experts in the coffee world. Among these experts is Aaron Davies, Senior Research Leader within the group ‘Crops and global change’ at Kew Gardens. Our converstation was about climate change, loss of biodiversity and how to counter this. Our world is rapidly losing biodiversity, which is catastrophical for our living environment. Aaron Davies is focused on coffee, the discovery of unknown species and how these can support us and coffee producing countries in our fight against climate change. As such they have programs at origin (e.g. Uganda and Ethiopia) to convince local governments that biodiversity, deforestation etc are important and worth caring for.

Kew Gardens purpose is to help stop biodiversity loss and develop nature-based solutions to some of humanity’s biggest global challenges. 

You can read more on their goals here.

The future is ours! 

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