Yemen Harazi – natural (NEW)

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Coffee is grown in Yemen in mountainous areas up high on plateau’s and in valleys that are between 1600 – 2100 masl (meters above sea level) in altitude. It is known for being the first place to cultivate coffee after it was brought to the region in the 15th Century by Sufi Monks. From here it grew with coffee being exported it the 16th Century from the port of Al-Makha which gave birth to the name of the Mocha drink known around the world today. In the 19th Century exports of coffee reached more than 57,000 MT at its peak which is a very different story to today with less than 20,000 MT. The coffee is in very simple ways. All coffee is hand-picked, grown with the use of natural organic fertilizers and dried on raised beds or roof tops.

This coffee has been sourced through Mocha Mill, one of the first specialty coffee exporters in Yemen. For Mocha Mill a good relationship with and an improvement of the quality of life for the farmers is very important. They have been educating them on best agricultural practices to improve the yield and quality of the coffee produced from their trees. A key part of their strategy is to empower the farmers. Especially the women as they make up about 75% of the farmers in Yemen. The farmers are paid on delivery of the cherry to the buying point in each of the regions that Mocha Mill have established. Since the start of the war in 2014, Mocha Mill kept investing in their producers, for instance by making lasting, structural investments.

Traditionally farmers in Yemen they work on small plots from 60 – 70 trees to 400 – 500 trees. The variety mainly is Jaadi /Udhini which is a large tree known for its good production. Famers mainly earn income from coffee, but some also grow Qat (Khat) which as a strong legal internal market within Yemen. It is also chewed daily by 90% of the population.
As part of their focus, they are placing sustainability at the centre of their business practises. Yemen is a country facing drought and water shortages. Mocha Mill are implementing innovative irrigation and dry processing techniques to address water scarcity and reduce impact on the communities and their access to such a precious source.

Harazi is situated in the districts of Sana’a governorate, located to the southwest of the governorate. The population is estimated at 100.000 people. The area consists of high mountains, plateaus and valleys, that reach an altitude of about 1700-2100 m above sea level. There are a variety of crops, and the cultivation of coffee beans is the most famous of these. In total there are about 2000 farmers in this region.

There are 9 collection stations in this region and, approximately, farmers will deliver coffees every 3 – 4 days in the season. Mocha Mill have been working here for 4 years and the same farmers building relationships who they have trained on how to produce high quality coffee. Here the in the harvest all the coffee is handpicked and dried on roof tops in the sun for approximately 6-12 days.


– Variety: Jaadi, 100% Arabica
– Altitude: 1700 – 2100m
– Processing method: natural
– Notes: green apple, lemon, marsipan, mokka, buttery body.
– Quantity: 250 gr or 500 gr beans
– Our coffee bags are 100% recyclable, produced CO2-neutral and can be disposed of in the plastic waste (in Belgium: PMD-bag). More info about our packaging choices will follow soon in a blogpost. Also check out our CoffeeVac containers, which we sell to shop without the use of packaging from us. When using this system (only possible for pick up- or personal delivery-orders), you earn a discount (saver-system) of 1€ per ordered 250gr/150gr coffee beans.
– These beas are roasted on 100% green energy (solar + wind).

We choose to sell whole beans, because after 15 minutes the aroma’s in ground coffee will have been mostly evaporated. More info?Click here.
This coffee we grind for filter. If you want your coffee to be ground, select ‘ground coffee’ when adding this product to the basket.
In our webshop you can find our range of hand grinders and electric grinders.

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250gr, 500gr


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