Microlot – Honduras Norma Iris Fiallos – 90h macerated natural (LAST KGS)

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These 100% Arabica coffee beans where processed naturally after a 90h fermentation. This process brings out a special flavour in the beans. These complex specialty beans are an absolute must to expand your taste palette. Organic certified.

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These coffee beans can be paid through meal vouchers (maaltijdcheques / chèques repas) in Belgium (Monizze, webshop only).


Norma Iris Fiallos is the owner of the plantation ‘San Rafael’, located in the ‘Los Limos’ region of Corquin, Copan. She is one of the most innovative producers in the region, with a wide range of varieties including Bourbon, Catuai, Maragogype, Parainema. What’s so special for this plantation is, that it’s located in a spruce forest, which ensures that the soil contains a lot of acidity. This also gives the coffee a unique profile. The coffee is completely shaded and the coffee plants cover only a small percentage of the entire land area of ​​Norma’s property. The beans are grown in a natural environment, in a non-invasive way and with respect for the soil. Values which we appreciate very much.

The producers within the cooperative receive about 70% of the FOB price (Free On Board) for their microlots. This year, the harvest was very difficult for all producers due to the heavy rains during the harvesting season and a lack of pickers due to the global pandemic, which either caused the beans to swell and burst or either caused a large number of the beans to end up on the ground before they could be picked. Partly for this reason, we at The God Shot decided to provide extra support to these producers and we offer you coffees from multiple producers within this cooperative.

All microlot beans are processed at the ‘Aruco mill’ to keep this process centralized and to be able to ensure a better quality control, but also to minimize the risks for the producers. The processing unit is located at 800masl (meters above sea-level) which gives this facility a drier, more stable climate to dry the beans compared to on the plantations themselves where the weather is less predictable. The coffee cherries are assessed on site for their Brix value (= the amount of sugar in a watery liquid which indicates how much mass percent of the liquid consists of sugar), after which it is decided which processing method to use. The berries are cleaned, washed and then floated to filter out all unripe berries. They are then placed in kegs that are sealed airtight to create an oxygen-free environment for the berries to ferment and undergo a maceration process. This is left for different durations depending on the beans: these berries underwent this process for 90 hours. The temperature of these barrels is strictly monitored so that they maintain a temperature of 22-25 ° C, in the shade. The berries are then distributed on drying beds, where they can dry for 20-30 days and they are turned every hour (depending on the weather).


– Variety: Maragogype, 100% Arabica
– Altitude: 1300m
– Processing method: 90h macerated natural
– Notes: intens, sweet orange with black berries, a winey acidity and a rich, sweet cacao body.
– Amount: 250 gr of beans.
– Certified organic
– Our coffee bags are 100% recyclable, produced CO2-neutral and can be disposed of in the plastic waste (in Belgium: PMD-bag). More info about our packaging choices will follow soon in a blogpost. Also check out our CoffeeVac containers, which we sell to shop without the use of packaging from us. When using this system (only possible for pick up- or personal delivery-orders), you earn a discount (saver-system) of 1€ per ordered 250gr/150gr coffee beans.
– These beas are roasted on 100% green energy (solar + wind).

We choose to only grind on demand. After 15 minutes the aromas of ground coffee are gone. When you buy wine, you also don’t uncork the wine before you leave the store. More info?Click here.
In our webshop you can find our range of hand grinders and electric grinders.

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