Flair second shot kit

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The Flair NEO and Classic are the low-cost solution for the more demanding home-bariasta’s. In this price range there is nothing that can make a better espresso.

But sometimes you want te be able to make several doppio’s (double espresso) in a row, or you’re experimenting with new beans, or a different recipe…
And at that time it is handy to be able to quickly pull 2 shots in a row.
For this we recommend to either buy an extra portafilter, or either this complete Second Shot Kit.

The portafilter is nearly maintenance free: just knock out the puck, rinse with water and dry.

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– Extra second shot kit for the Flair NEO, Classic and Signature machines, gray silicone finish.
– Included are: a bottomless portafilter, a dispersion screen and the classic Brew chamber to quickly pull several shots in a row.
– Easy to clean, nearly maintenance free.


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