Flair Pro dispersion screen

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The Flair PRO2 is thé solution for more demanding home-barista’s. In this price range there is nothing else that can make a better espresso.

But sometimes you want to quickly pull several doppio’s (double espressor) in a row, or are you experimenting with new beans or a different recipe…
And at that time it is handy to be able to quickly pull 2 shots in a row.
To do this we recommend to buy an extra portafilter and this dispersion screen. This way you can prepare 2 shots, and if the first one is finished you move the (still hot) brew chamber to the second portafilter, add water, and you can pull another shot.

The dispersion screen is nearly maintenance free, just rinse with water and dry.

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– Extra dispersion screen for the Flair Pro and Pro2 machines.
– Combine it with the Pro Portafilter to be able to quickly pull several shots in a row (standard not included).
– Easy to clean, nearly maintenance free.


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