Flair pressure gauge kit

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Once you get to know your Flair NEO, and you would like to have total control over your espresso, we recommend this pressure gauge kit to get there.

This kit includes a stainless steel plunger and a manometer, which can be turned to get an ideal viewing angle. With a timer and this manometer you will have ultimate control over your shot. The bottomless portafilter is also highly recommended.

We recommend to start your shot with a 10 seconds pre-infusion between 1-2 bar. It’s normal to see a drop appear. Afterwards you can buld up the pressure to 6 – 9 bar. Try to hold the flow around about 1 gram per second. If you ground too coarse, you might need to build up a little less pressure. Towards the end of the shot you can slowly release the pressure. Try to finish within approximately 1 minute.

These are only rules of thumb, the ‘right’ recipe depends on the beans you use, how hot your brew chamber and water is, how coarse/fine you grind,… But this Pressure Gauge Kit will help you to refine your recipe and pull consistent shots.

A Flair NEO combines with a bottomless portafilter is actually identical to the Flair Classic. With this Pressure Gauge Kit you even go one step further, to a Flair Signature.

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– Manometer kit for the Flair NEO.
– This kit includes a stainless steel plunger, a stem and manometer with protective sleeve.
– Can be turned to get an ideal viewing angle.
– Gives ultimate controle of your shot.


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