Flair flow-control portafilter v2

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This pressurized portafilter is included with the Flair NEO V2. Also compatible with the Flair Classic and Signature.

A flow-control (or pressurized) portafilter provides a little extra counter pressure, making the correct grind size less critical than with a Bottomless portafilter.

A popular grinder is the Baratza Encore. This one can grind fine enough for (Flair) espresso, but the steps in between are a bit too big. This Flow-control portafilter can compensate for this.

Version 2 of the Flow-control portafilter has a removable spout that is easy to clean and serves as a substitute for a bottomless portafilter when the spout is not installed.


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– Pressurized portafilter for the Flair NEO, Classic and Signature.
– The extra pressure ensures that you can use slightly coarser ground coffee.
– Ideal for use with a 1Zpresso Q2 grinder, for example.
– V2 with removable spout for easy cleaning.
– Remove the spout to simulate a bottomless portafilter.


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