Flair Classic

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De Flair Classic is the original manual Flair espresso machine. In this price range it’s the only machine that makes genuine espresso.
This manual espresso machine can easily generate 9bar of pressure (or more).

Compared to the NEO, the Classic adds a carrying case and the bottomless portafilter.

A good grinder is essential for optimal results. You can upgrade to the Flair Signature and even the Pro2 (which is not possible with the NEO).

Do you want to experiment more and have additional control? Then you can add the Flair Pressure Gauge Kit and monitor your pressure and play around with pressure-profiling.

Compared to other machines, it’s super easy to do very different things with a Flair, like e.g. cold-press espresso on sunny days.

Or you can imitate the pressure profile of a E61 machine, or a lever-machine, or taste a “Scott Rao high-extraction shot“.
Last year the espresso world got shaken around a bit by the release of this paper: “Systematically Improving Espresso: Insights from Mathematical Modeling and Experiment“. With a Flair you can try this theory for yourself.

It might be hard to believe considering the price, but a Flair can make espresso at least as good as a much more expensive semi-automatic machines, and so much more. A Flair-shot has superior texture and mouthfeel, while giving much more control over the final taste.

As you manually build up pressure, you literally feel the flow of water through the coffee puck, so you’re in full control all the time. Therefore, a manual espresso shot tastes superior too, you have a physical connection with the beverage you’re brewing.

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– Black frame, with red portafilter holder and gray silicone sleeve.
– Like all Flair machines, the Classic makes genuine espresso.
– The Classic is the most affordable Flair which can be upgraded to a Pro2, ideal for the beginning ambitious home-barista.
– The bottomless portafilter demands a good grinder, like those from 1zpresso or the Flair Royal.
– Easy to upgrade with a Pressure Gauge and Steel Tamper. (like included with the Flair Signature)
– De Classic can be upgraded to a Pro2, by adding the Second Shot Kit and a steel tamper.
– Easy maintenance and cleaning, no descaling, longer heat-up times, etc.
– More flexibiity than a semi-automatic espressomachine, also very able to do cold-press, flow-profiling, low-pressure shots, etc.
– Compact, ideal for traveling or at work.
– Sustainable, uses relatively small amounts of water. Easy maintenance, all parts and accessories are available in our store.
– Included: bottomless portafilter, plastic drip tray, funnel, plastic dosing cup/tamper, case.
– Optional: Steel tamper, Pressure Gauge kit, Temperature strip, Royal grinder.


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