Flair 58

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The Flair 58 is the ultimate manual espresso-machine. Total control over your God Shot, now also in the 58mm standard.

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Flairista’s know; the total control a manual machine offers brings the ultimate espresso God Shot within reach. The 58 is the ultimate Flair with a preheat-controller and compatible with hundreds of 58mm accessories.

The 3-step preheat-controller heats up both the brew chamber and the portafilter in a couple of minutes. 3 Steps for light-, medium- and dark roast coffee beans, use a hot water kettle with digital control and you’ll have total temperature control.

Thanks to the 58mm basket size, the Flair 58 enables compatibility with many existing 58mm tools, like VST and IMS baskets, tampers, distribution-tools, etc.

This is the second version of the Flair 58, with the new valve plunger and without shower screen. This allows to fill the brew chamber with water without removing the stem.

A puck screen is included and serves as shower screen.



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