Fellow Stagg X Pour-over set

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The Fellow Stagg X Pour-over Set includes the dripper, tasting glass and 30 filters.

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This is our favourite 1-person pour-over set.

Fe Fellow Stagg X set includes a dual-walled tasting glass and a dual-wall dripper made out of metal. Both make sure the temperature loss is minimal.
The dripper has steep walls, a flat bottom and utilises so-called wave-filters.

The bottom has a unique bump and 10-hole pattern that ensures no blocking of the filter paper and a nice even extraction.

Thanks to this design the Fellow Stagg X set has a good balance between the fuller body and texture of a flat-bottom dripper like the Kalita Wave, iwhile keeping the clear cup of a conical dripper like the Hario V60.

This Stagg X set is a perfect example of a great design, and the components used are top quality. There are a couple of handy accessories included, like the metal funnel. The funnel’s purpose is to make sure the coffee grounds end up nicely in the middle of the filter paper, but it also perfectly fits an 1Zpresso hand grinder!

With this set 30 filters are included, and you can buy 45 extra filters here.


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