ECM Mechanika IV Profi

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The ideal espressomachine for lovers of cappuccinos and lattes! This ECM has the legendary E61 group, and a heat-exchanger, and therefore can simultaneously steam milk and pull a shot of espresso.

Compared to its little brother, the Mechanika V Slim, this Mechanika IV Profi has a quieter rotation pump, the option of a fixed water connection, and 2 handles for steam and hot water to replace the rotary valves.

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  • ECM E61 group
  • 3l water reservoir
  • 2,1l stainless steel boiler
  • Heat-exchanger: steam milk and pull an espresso simultaneously
  • Pump pressure and boiler manometers
  • Easy adjustment of pump pressure below the removable cup tray
  • Weight: 27,5 kg
  • Size: 302 x 450 x 395 mm
  • rotation pump
  • possibility to connect to fixed water fixture
  • Seperate steam wand and warm water wand
  • German design, produced in Italy
  • Extra: manual, tamper, 2 portafilters with skewed ergonimic handle, 1- and 2-cup filter basket for portafilter, blind filter basket


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