BWT Penguin longlifeMg2+

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The best upgrade for coffee lovers at home. The BWT Penguin jug removes unwanted substances like heavy metals and chlorine but adds magnesium for a better coffee flavour.
Magnesium is important because it helps you get a better extraction of the coffee particles in the water.
Also for tea and other drinks the gain in quality is remarkable.

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– Type 815070.
– Capacity 2,7l, filtered volume 1,5l.
– Including 1 filter cartridge.
– The ideal solution for coffee and tea, but also tap water.
– Removes chlorine, heavy metals and reduces calcium, but adds magnesium tfor an optimal coffee-extraction and flavour.
– The built-in timer signals when you need to replace the cartridge (4 weeks).
– The cheapest solution with a big difference for better coffee at home.
– Protects machines against lime scale.


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