Brasil Cafeina Group 2022 – natural

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These 100% Arabica coffee beans were dried natural. Our suppliers are part of the Cafeina Group, a Womens Coffee Producer-program, that supports female plantation owners and is committed to ensure a better representation of women in the coffee world. This coffee comes from 2 female producers in this region: Jacqueline ‘Jaja’ en Adalgisa Vilela. We lightly roast the Cafeine Group specialty beans to bring out their aromas to the fullest.

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The ‘Cafeina Group’ started as part of the ‘Cocatrel Cooperative’ in Tres Pontas, Sul De Minas and brought together the female plantation owners of the cooperative. The group comprises 21% of the members of the ‘Cocatrel Cooperative’, which equates to 1,154 female producers. For example, they wanted to confirm and strengthen the commitment of these women in the policy bodies. They hold a meeting every 2 months to better educate the members and broaden their knowledge, but also to increase their visibility in the coffee processing community and increase their involvement.

Iandra Vilela, who is head of the Cafeina group for Cocatrel, was recognised in 2021 with an award for ‘Women in Coffee’. She won it for being an inspiration to other Women in the coffee industry in Brazil.

This year the coffee comes from 2 female producers from this region: Jacqueline ‘Jaja’ (Fazenda Zaroca) and Adalgisa Vilela (Fazenda Pinhal).

Jaja is the first producer and manages Fazenda Zaroca, where she tends the crop with her husband, Gilberto. The farm is a total of 154 ha planted with coffee and the annual production is around 6000 bags. Due to the topography of the land, 60% of the farm is collected by hand, which is unusual for Brazil where a lot of farms are harvested mechanically. They have worked hard on treating the plants with the right nutrients and care to help them flourish and produce the best cherry possible that is compatible with specialty production. Jaja is also the sister of singer Milton Nascimento, also known as Bituca. During their childhood they played in the coffee fields on their uncle’s farm. Now, she manages her own farm and keeps looking for the best way to prepare coffee batches, invests in employee training and knowledge to improve and maintain the best quality and excellence. In 2018 Fazenda Zaroca was placed in the Cup Of Excellence after entering coffee for the firs time.

Adalgisa Vilela works and runs their 50ha farm Fazenda Pinhal with with her husband. When Adalgisa got married and started managing the plantation in 1985, she decided to take an agronomy course to be able to better comprehend the production of coffee. On their plantation they work with a group of women who pick the coffee and afterwards help manage the plants for the rest of the year.

This coffee is picked and sorted, after which the berries are dried on the patio for 15 days. After this they are mechanically dried for 2 days until they reach a moisture content of 10%. When the processing is completed the beans are delivered to the cooperative.


– Variety: Mundo Novo, 100% Arabica
– Altitude: 900 – 1000m
– Processing method: natural
– Notes: Apple, hazelnut with a milk chocolate finish.
– Quantity: 250 gr or 500 gr beans
– Our coffee bags are 100% recyclable, produced CO2-neutral and can be disposed of in the plastic waste (in Belgium: PMD-bag). More info about our packaging choices will follow soon in a blogpost. Also check out our CoffeeVac containers, which we sell to shop without the use of packaging from us. When using this system (only possible for pick up- or personal delivery-orders), you earn a discount (saver-system) of 1€ per ordered 250gr/150gr coffee beans.
– These beas are roasted on 100% green energy (solar + wind).

We choose to sell whole beans, because after 15 minutes the aroma’s in ground coffee will have been mostly evaporated. More info?Click here.
This coffee we grind for filter. If you want your coffee to be ground, select ‘ground coffee’ when adding this product to the basket.
In our webshop you can find our range of hand grinders and electric grinders.

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