Baratza Sette 270 Wi

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Ex-demo unit! Contact us for details!

With its thirty macro settings with 9 stepless micro settings each and a built-in acaia scale with 3 presets, the Sette 270Wi has everything you’d expect from a serious espresso grinder that doses by weight instead of time. Like the other Sette models, there is very little loss due to the straight-thru design. Provided with 40mm steel Etzinger S1 conical burrs.

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Ex-demo unit! Contact us for details!

The Sette 270 Wi has nothing to do with Nintendo, but it is the intelligent brother of the Sette 270.

The Sette 270Wi has, in addition to the 30 macro settings of the Sette 30, also a stepless ring with micro settings (with 9 markings, so 9×30 = 270). With its 40mm steel Etzinger S1 burrs, and a design where the reservoir is positioned directly above the burrs and the collection tray, it has minimal loss (retention).

The W in the product name indicates the built-in Acaia scale, which makes it possible to dose by weight. Manual, or with 3 presets. The i in the name refers to intelligence; every time you grind the same amount, it will become a little more precise, as the grinder learns better when to stop in order to get a certain weight in the portafilter.

The forks can be used as a portafilter holder, or can be rotated for use with the included collection tray.


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