Why don’t we sell ground coffee as a standard option?

We understand that our clients cannot all choose to work with a grinder, and that’s why we do grind for you, but only on demand.

Why don’t we offer both in our webshop as a standard option? The answer is very simple: coffee loses its aroma’s véry quickly after grinding. After 15 minutes your specialty coffee, in which so many people put their love and care, loses its essence. And that is really too bad. If you buy a good bottle of wine in a store, you will not take it with you uncorked. That’s why we try to stimulate the use of grinders and coffee beans.

A good grinder doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank. There are accessible models on the market, also for beginners. We offer a few choices, click on this LINK to get an overview. Such a grinder is meant to last a long time, so it’s a valuable investment in our opinion.

Besides the loss of quality, to make the best coffee yourselves, it’s also important to have control over how fine or course you grind, because that has a big impact on flavour. How so? Learn more here: Het belang van een goede bonenmolen (also available in English).

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