New VAT-rules EU from 01/07/2021

From 1 juli 2021 onwards the new EU-VAT-rules for e-commerce will apply.  There will be a lower threshold for distance sales outside the EU and a new simplified VAT return via a one-stop-shop system so that you do not have to pay VAT separately in each EU country.

With the new VAT Directive, the European Commission aims to modernize and simplify VAT levying, and create a ‘level playing field’ for entrepreneurs within and outside the EU and combat VAT fraud on small-value parcels.

Our webshop will charge EU customers the VAT rate of their country of residence. The prices shown on the product pages are the prices including 21% Belgian VAT. At the time of sale, therefore, a different final amount will be charged to some customers, depending on the VAT rate in the country of residence, depending on whether the local VAT percentage is higher or lower than in Belgium.