Flair 58 accessories buying guide

Essential accessories

A good “puck-prep” is essential.
Therefore the Flair Funnel is advised, especially if you want to use the maximum capacity of your basket. The Flair Funnel is magnetic and leaves no edge in the puck.

The Flair Shot Mirror is another must-have. This allows you to visually inspect your shot’s progress and is handy to improve your technique.

Flair supplies a tamper with the 58, which is fine for the so-called 4-finger technique. On the other hand, we are completely convinced by the Happy Tamper. It will give you a perfect tamp every time and is much more ergonomic than other leveling tampers.

With standard usage and occasional lubrication and cleaning the O-rings of your Flair 58 will last a long time, but many customers choose an extra set with their purchase nevertheless.

High-flow baskets

Flair supplies by default a low-flow basket with the Flair 58. A low-flow basket has fewer holes than a high-flow basket which allows to grind a bit coarser, and makes the machine more forgiving for less than perfect “puck-prep”.
Do you already have a good grinder (like the 1Zpresso J-max) and do you want to grind finer to obtain the best possible extraction of your coffee?
Then a high-flow basket will be a cheap way to up your level.
For an average dose of 18 to 20g both the Flair high-flow basket and the IMS 26mm competition basket will be a good choice.
If you would like to use lower doses, we recommend the IMS 24mm basket. We’ve tested it down to a 12g dose, but it’s default range is 16 to 18g.
For a higher dose (we’ve tested it up to 24g) the 20-22g IMS 28,5mm basket will be a good addition to your set-up.

Water and weighing

The Flair 58 has a preheat functie with 3 settings, but is not designed to heat cold water up to espresso-temperature. One of the best kettles for coffee and tea is the Fellow Stagg EKG.
Your water is as important as your coffee beans, because 92% of your espresso is water! The correct balance of minerals and soft water ensure a good extraction and flavor balance.
The most affordable solution is the BWT penguin. The BWT cartridges filter calcium, chlorine etc but also add magnesium through ionisation, which elevates the water’s mineral content.

The Joefrex espresso scale fits the Flair 58 drip tray nicely, has a 0,1g resolution and a built-in timer. The lid is removable.

Grinders, manual and powered

“Your grinder is more important than your espresso machine” is something you often hear. and there’s some truth in there.
If your grinder can’t grind fine enough, or the steps in between 2 settings are to large, then it’s close to impossible to really dial in espresso.

A manual espresso machine like the Flair 58 needs a manual grinder! 1Zpresso manufactures hand grinders for all kinds of brewing methods, and for espresso we have 3 popular models.
The 1Zpresso K-plus has 22 micron steps, and is ideal for modern, clean espresso with lots of detailed aroma’s.
The 1Zpresso J-max and JX-pro on the other hand offer more body and mouthfeel, which is nice if you like more texture in the cup. The J-max has 8,8 micron (!) steps, a magnetic catch cup and the same outside adjustment ring as the K-plus.
The JX-pro has an inside top adjustment, a screw-on catch cup and 12,5 micron steps, it’s our bestseller.

Would you rather have an electric grinder? That’s understandable, as a hand grinder needs sufficient muscle power to grind fine enough for espresso.
It is not the quitest grinder  in the market, but the Baratza Sette 270 is a good choice nevertheless. It has a stepless adjustment and can be used as a on-demand or single-dose grinder with close to zero retention.
The Sette 270Wi is identical, but with a built-in Acaia-scale which allows to grind a pre-chosen weight.
The Sette’s are conical burr grinders, if you’d rather have the extra clarity of a flat burr grinder, then the Baratza Vario is another option to consider.
Baratza’s focus on sustainability is great, they have all spare parts readily available for years of grinding joy.

Latte-art with the nanofoamer

The Flair 58 doesn’t have an internal boiler, so also no steam wand.
So how to steam milk for a cappucino, cortado or latte?

We’re fans of the nanofoamer. The nanofoamer is the only hand-frother that produces real microfoam which works for drawing latte-art. It comes with 2 ‘fine’ and ‘superfine’ screens you have total control over the thickness and texture of your microfoam.
One of the advantages of the nanofoamer is that it can be employed for frothing cold milk (or a plant-based alternative), just like you can use the Flair 58 for “cold-press” espresso shots.
Heating can be done in various ways, including subminimal’s own Flowtip Jug. This pitcher has a unique heat-proof handle so you can use it to first heat-up your milk on a stove, froth with the nanofoamer and finally draw latte-art!
The thermometer is contactless and therefore doesn’t need to be cleaned.