The changed cupping protocol

Covid19 rocks our world. The coffee world is also adapting to these new surroundings, with initiatives like #supportlocalroasters and #brewathome. The SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) reinvented, on their part, its cupping protocol. We will be using it for our own coffee tastings and cuppings. Follow the link below for more information in English about the protocol.


Cupping is a standardised way of tasting coffee. We also use it as a means of quality control of the roast or to evaluate the quality of our green beans, by assigning them a cupping score.
Each coffee that scores more than 80/100 can be qualified as Specialty Coffee. The very best coffees score more than 90+ points!

But cupping is also fun. It’s a social event, where seasoned, but also inexperienced tasters can really experience the different flavours in coffee beans or roast profiles. Nutty, strawberry jam, a juicy peach or a hint of jasmin, every one of these can be tasted in coffee. And more! Tasting coffee surprises you time and time again.

We cup a lot. Would you like to join a session when the covid19-restrictions allow for it? A booking form will appear on our website (Thegodschool) at that time. We’re also working on a digital version of the procedure.
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sca cupping protocolThe English version can be downloaded here.

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