Who doesn’t do that? After freshly grinding the coffee beans, sticking your nose deep into the canister. Inhaling the scent of freshly ground coffee. That’s discovering something new every time. Recognising aroma’s which maybe take you back to pleasant memories. The more experienced coffee drinker sometimes even recognises a few coffee sensory categories. Or maybe it’s just a completely new world you discover. Discovering freshly ground coffee is an experience on its own.

Afterwards you brew your perfect slow brew, or pull a God Shot of espresso. More sensory data and experiences come together: the flavour, taste-buds that are being tickled, an aftertaste that pleasantly lingers on. Coffee can be savoured. That moment is one where passion and dedication meet. Together with our producers, importers, quality control inspectors, advisors and enthusiasts we strive for the best coffee-experience.

Our beans tell a clear and honest story. They have been selected and roasted by us to reach their full potential. To give our customers a unique experience, every time again. In the morning at breakfast, or at work during two busy meetings, or just outside at night with a cold brew gazing upon the stars. It is our passion to help you discover which richness lies behind every bean.

How do we work?

We make different choices.

Need coffee fast? Click on this link. Interested in the story behind our beans? Check out this page.

In everything we do, our passion for excellent coffee is what drives us. Our mission is to take our customers with us on a fascinating journey, and experience some unique coffee moments together. That’s why we make choices that are somewhat different.

For instance, the use of traditional gas roasters is far from climate neutral. That’s why we invested in a Stronghold S7 Pro roaster. And when we believe in something, we go above and beyond. We are actively promoting this approach to coffee roasting as their Benelux distributor.

The Stronghold S7 Pro works fully electric and doesn’t only use convection and conduction heat, but also halogen radiation which gives you complete control over the roasting process and the aroma’s you can pull out of the coffee. Our energy is supplied by our own high-efficiency solar panels and our green energy supplier, Ecopower, which supplies us Belgian wind energy.

But our choice for the Stronghold S7 Pro was made because of other reasons as well, one of which being flexibility. It is a relatively small roaster, with a theoretical maximum capacity of 850gr.

In contrast to (soms enormous, going up to 120kg) gas roasters the Stronghold can repeat every roast to perfection. This means that bigger identical batches are still a possibility, but with these added advantages;

  • Possibility to easily roast coffee made-to-measure (to taste), also in smaller amounts
  • Minimal waste, as well in production as during the determination of the roast profiles
  • More consistency between batches, better quality control
  • Responds quickly, huge flexibility, freshly roasted coffee every time

 So no mass production, but maximum efficiency and attention to detail. Every batch is as important as the previous one, and every new roast profile is tasted and evaluated.

The Stronghold S7 Pro excels the traditional gas roasters by far in the field of features and innovation. It is the official and only roaster of the World Coffee Roasting Championship, and gives a glimpse into the future of coffee roasting.
We believe that in the long run a lot of coffee bars will roast their own beans, and that there will be a shift in focus to quality and personal flavour creation. Solving the issues around climate change can only be achieved by stepping away from fossil fuels. This means less mass production fueled by gas, and more  personalised production on electricity.

Summarized: we chose the most flexible and innovate roaster on the market, which can operate in a climate neutral way. Our goal is not to turn out hundreds of kilos per week, but to be able to stand firmly behind after every packet of coffee we produce, for 100%. We involve our clients in the fascinating process that is coffee roasting, and offer specialised production made-to-measure. 


Our Stronghold S7 Pro and Ikawa Pro v3 sample roaster can both turn out small batches with advanced logging. Our Ikawa is the ideal solution to roast on location (for training, sampling,…) and has a capacity of 50gr. We can take it with us to do roasting classes.

Most of the coffee worldwide is packaged in a way that is disastrous for the environment and climate. Also in this area we reach further than other companies.
Our coffee packaging is 100% recyclable, and can be thrown in the PMD bin (= bin for plastics in Belgium). They are being produced in CO2-neutral. But we want to go further and therefore we are hatching a plan. Read our blogs to keep up-to-date. We also offer a range of reusable packaging solutions.

The ink we use to stamp our packaging is water soluble and environmentally friendly.

The coffee bags are equipped with a high quality valve, which is a 1-way valve which lets gasses formed by the degassing process of the beans escape, while the freshness of the beans is preserved. Beans that keep their freshness for a longer period of time also means less frequent deliveries for our subscribers, which has a direct impact on cutting back on emissions (climate change).

There is lots to say about the fair price for coffee producers/farmers. Even the official fairtrade price is very low mostly, as it is also determined by the coffee stock market. Local circumstances can also dramatically differ in coffee producing countries all over the world.

Every coffee we offer has been chosen because of its quality and cupping score, but also delving deeper in the story behind the beans. Because better living conditions, and production made with love for the profession and the environment, have an impact. You can taste the difference.

Taste determination

Exploring together.

You can’t argue about taste.
But which preferences someone has, is very fascinating to us. Translating that to the coffee beans and the roast profile is our challenge.

How? For example through a tasting session, or through a carefully selected discovery package at home. Or through a video-call, where we also analyse your brewing method.

We are flexible, and will only be satisfied when our customer is. Would you like to receive some suggestions within your preferences, or on the other hand, would you like to be surprised by new flavours? Anything is possible, because we work with small batches, with maximum attention to what makes our customer happy.

The way we work, makes it possible for us to roast made-to-measure, hitting the mark every time. Seasonal suggestions are also a possibility! Maybe you like to drink a big mug of slow brew in the winter, but during the summer-time you like to experiment with a refreshing cold brew or a Affogato?

That’s why our subscriptions are not only a cheaper way to buy coffee, but also a way to engage in a long-term commitment with our customers. To make it an interesting journey, as traditional or experimental as the customer desires.


Cupping is a standardized way of coffee tasting. We also use it as a quality control-tool to check the quality of our roasts or evaluate the quality of our green beans, by giving them a cupping score.
Each coffee that scores over 80/100 can be qualified as Specialty Coffee. The very best coffees score 90+ points.

But cupping is also fun. Because it is a social gathering, where also less experienced tasters can discover the differences between beans and roast profiles.

We cup a lot. Would you like to join in on a cupping-session?
That is possible, let us know or make a booking!
At the moment we are setting up a digital version. When we finish the concept, a booking form will be posted on our website.


Discovery packages and subscriptions

To taste is to know.

Are you not sure what you like? Or do you want to discover new flavours? that is possible through one of our discovery packages. Except for the beans, you also receive some advice and guidance to get to know your flavour profile.

More detailed information can be found in our webshop.

Discovery package slow brew

20 One-time
  • Selection of 4 very different slow brew coffees
  • 150gr per package
  • Online talk about experiences and preferences
  • Advice made-to-measure

Discovery package espresso

25 One-time
  • Selection of 3 very different espresso coffees
  • 250gr per package
  • Online talk about experiences and preferences
  • Advice made-to-measure

Our long-term commitment.

Customer satisfaction and quality coffee are what drives us. The best formula for a satisfied customer, that’s how our subscriptions are set up.

How much do you need?:

  • 2 packets of  coffee = 500gr coffee beans = about 40 mugs slow brew coffee (200ml) = about 25 double espresso’s.
  • 4 packets of coffee = 1000gr coffee beans = about 80 mugs slow brew coffee (200ml) = about 50 double espresso’s.
  • 6 packets of coffee = 1500gr coffee beans = about 120 mugs slow brew coffee (200ml) = about 75 double espresso’s.

More detailed pricing, can be found in our webshop.

Our selection

24 /month (starting from)
  • We choose for you
  • 2, 4 or 6 packages
  • Can be cancelled monthly
  • If you choose for 3/6/12m, a discount will be applied
  • Including shipping costs

A la carte

26 /month (starting from)
  • Choose yourself from our range.
  • 2, 4 or 6 packages
  • Can be cancelled monthly
  • If you choose for 3/6/12m, a discount will be applied
  • Including shipping costs


28 /month (starting from)
  • We deliver according to your taste.
  • 2, 4 or 6 packages
  • Can be cancelled monthly
  • If you choose for 3/6/12m, a discount will be applied
  • Including shipping costs